I'm Nathan. 21, Ravenclaw, taken, straight, proud to be god-free, physics major, web designer, wannabe game designer. If you talk to me, I'll probably follow back. Or maybe not.

Things I post include (but are not limited to): Gaming, anime, landscapes, architecture, gifs, hardcore music and chiptunes, Pokémon, funny stuff, stupid text posts, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Ask Me Some Gaming Questions

1: Favorite game(s)?
2: Favorite game from each system?
3: Favorite console?
4: Favorite controller?
5: Favorite classic system?
6: Favorite classic game?
7: The game you want the most?
8: Most underrated game?
9: Most overrated game?
10: Least favorite game?
11: Favorite video game character?
12: A video game character that you hate?
13: Your first video game?
14: The last game you played?
15: Facebook games: Y/N and why?
16: What's your take on Free-to-Play games?
17: PC or Console games?
18: Favorite boss battle?
19: That one game you could never beat?
20: The first game you beat?
21: Favorite video game developer?
22: Favorite video game soundtrack?
23: Favorite video game song?
24: Your one guilty pleasure game?
25: Favorite game genre?
26: Sports games: Y/N and why?
27: Favorite Mario game?
28: Favorite Pokémon game?
29: Favorite Zelda game?
30: Favorite Halo game?
31: Would you consider yourself a casual gamer, a hardcore gamer, or somewhere in between?
32: Game you've spent the most hours on?
33: Favorite video game weapon/item?
34: Favorite video game level?
35: Favorite video game visuals?
36: Favorite video game enemy?
37: Most annoying video game enemy?
38: Favorite mobile game?
39: Favorite multiplayer game?
40: Favorite singleplayer game?
41: Favorite video game secret?
42: The hardest game you've ever played?
43: The scariest game you've ever played?
44: The most addicting game you've ever played?
45: Favorite rhythm/music game?
46: Favorite indie game?
47: Best game to stay up all night playing?
48: That game or series you've been playing since you were little?
49: Funniest thing you've ever done in a game?
50: Best video game memory?
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